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The pursuit of health & happiness

The pursuit of happiness is our Constitutional Right in the United States. Are you pursuing yours? Are you thankful for this Right each morning when you wake up? Are you happy? 

Exactly what is happy, though? Is it a new job, a new car, a big house...a big bank account? 

Cool stuff brings moments of pleasure, indeed. But the kind of happiness we pursue at Riverbank Social Club is more elusive. It is a happiness that grows from health of mind, body & spirit. It's the kind that brings peace of mind before you go to bed at night & a smile to your face when you wake up. It's the kind that warms you from within - while simultaneously warming those around you. It's the kind of happiness that protects you from the ravages of life in today's world. 

Now, if you've been blessed with perfect health and a pain-free existence, you may not fully appreciate the hidden truth in the maxim "If you have your health - you have everything." But, if you're anything like me, you already know that poor health is a deal-breaker on many levels. 

You'll notice in my cooking classes, ballroom dance classes or just reading through this site that the words "health & happiness" are often paired together. This is intentional. They are invariably linked. In order to be healthy - we have to be happy. And, when it comes to being happy - it feels better when we have our health to go along with it.

When it comes to choosing a path to health & happiness, the options are endless. Remember, each of us has a Constitutional Right to decide for him/herself. 

If you need any suggestions & support along the way, join us at Riverbank Social Club!  :-)


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See Ben on FOX 11 Good Day Wisconsin!
Special thanks for Rachel Manek and Kim Geiser for letting me pitch my Power Bowl Approach to the morning TV audience. Their kitchen is adorable! Felt like a day at the amusement park for me.

You can link to both of the segments here, 

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